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However you look 
At it, they're a statement of 
Tremendous pizazz. 

Between the chaos and doldrums of life, the hat is the lightning bolt that turns heads. FUN, IMAGINATIVE & UNIQUE, they're the je-ne-sais-quoi that sets one apart from the crowd. And Individuality is to be celebrated! 


A lifelong hat-addict, a hat rack has managed to be the first piece of furniture acquired every single time High Hat has moved countries. Coincidence? Perhaps a sign of her millinery destiny.

An Australian expat in Riyadh, she is self-taught and makes every piece meticulously by hand, cherishing fine details and delivering one-of-a-kind treasures to adorn your visage.

Whatever the occasion may be, High Hat has the style and panache to create you something truly dazzling that not only compliments your outfit, but evokes the special essence of you. 

For all appointments, personal styling & inquiries please contact: 
+966 533 292 957 (WhatsApp & calls)

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